To some this may be over simple. But…if you have ever lit a log fire, you have more than likely had that embarrassing moment at least once when your log fire just doesn’t get going. Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to have no problems whatsoever. It’s all about working from small (traditionally birch bark, here newspaper) to big (kindling then small buy cialis walmart logs then full size logs). All whilst allowing plenty of air to the fire for the whole process. It obviously also helps a lot if the wood you are burning is well seasoned. We season our wood on site really well for a good 12 months so this shouldn’t be an excuse! You will find this step by step picture guide in your cabin’s welcome pack on arrival in case you need reminding next time you are here on a cosy family retreat.

1. Place two smallish logs in the burner and scrunch up a few pieces of newspaper between them placing a firelighter in the middle.

2. Find some thin dead twigs and place them crisscrossed over the logs and paper below.

3. Place a couple of small logs on top and light the paper and firelighter beneath.

4. Close the door. Pull the metal rod beneath the door out, as well as opening the circular air vent. This gives more air to the fire to ensure it gets going. (The air vents may be slightly different on your wood burner)

5. After 5-10 minutes, once the logs are burning well, add one or two larger logs. You can now push the metal rod back in and close the circular air vent most of the way so that the fire burns more gently. Enjoy…

Remember to keep the door closed other than to light the fire and add further logs. Once the wood burner is hot it is advised to use a fire glove, as the handle may be hot.

For those who want to further their fire and log cutting education we highly recommend the Noreigen bestseller by Lars Mytting. It will get you very excited for an eco-holiday in a log cabin!


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