Welcome to our Cotswold holiday blog, filled with up to date information about the lake, our nature reserve and the surrounding Cotswolds. We’re here to keep you posted on everything that’s happening at our unique log cabin holiday site as well as in the local area. From the best days out and our favourite places to eat to the latest wildlife news – the Log House Holidays blog is designed to divulge every detail of our wonderful world.  Whether you’re coming to the Cotswolds for romantic UK breaks or pet friendly days out our blog will have something for you. So come join the conversation about the place we call home – the beautiful Cotswolds.

5 ways to enjoy the best mini honeymoon in the UK

After many months spent organising your big day, the thought of planning an overseas honeymoon might just be too much. Why not avoid the stress and simply escape to one of our totally secluded lakeside retreats which are a little nearer to home.  We've got...

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Bird Watching Holidays in the Cotswold Water Park

  The Cotswold Water Park is a nationally important destination for birds and offers unique bird watching opportunities throughout the seasons. The vast 40 square miles of wetland area covering over 150 lakes allows you to easily get out and explore;...

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Otter spotting tips for your log cabin holiday

Sometime in 2015 we saw our first otters at the lake and it was a truly magical experience. Unlike anything else at the lake they are amazing creatures to watch as they glide across the lake surface, play with each other under water and dart across land...

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The famous snowdrops at Painswick Rococo Gardens

This February we made sure to visit the magical snowdrops once again at Painswick Rococo Gardens. An enjoyable 30 minutes drive through the rolling Stroud valleys takes you to this 18th century garden where blankets of snowdrops cover the ground for the...

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How to plan the perfect Girls Weekend away

Whether you’re the organized group that manages to get away each and every year or you’ve been meaning to get together with all your closest friends but have never got round to it – Log House Holidays is the perfect place to escape. Simply find a date that...

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How to ‘Hygge’ your cosy Log House Holiday

The kings of cosy winter life are without question the Scandinavians. They even have a special word for this, which has no real direct translation – “Hygge”. Pronounced “Hooga” it loosely means to have a cosy time inside with friends and family whilst the weather is...

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17 of the Best Walks in the Cotswolds

Discovering the Cotswold countryside on foot really is the best way if you ask us! Just imagine all the things you’d miss; the wild fungi hidden in fields of bluebells, the sound of trickling streams in the woods, the sweet smell of fresh primroses from nearby...

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A day out at Gloucestershire Rally School

Established in 1994, Gloucestershire Rally School offers its award winning Rally Driving Experiences to anyone looking for an unforgettable adrenaline filled day. Kids from the age of 10 are welcome so whether it’s a family get together, birthday party, couples...

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The Best Things To Do In The Cotswolds In January

January is a magical time to visit the Cotswolds; a totally underrated month for holiday makers, filled with incredible walks and romantic adventures. As the rush of Christmas tourists fades away into last year’s memories, the quiet and undisturbed countryside awaits...

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