The kings of cosy winter life are without question the Scandinavians. They even have a special word for this, which has no real direct translation – “Hygge”. Pronounced “Hooga” it loosely means to have a cosy time inside with friends and family whilst the weather is cold and dark outside. Is this the reason why Danes are officially the happiest people in the world? We certainly think so. We discovered this term when we read ‘A Year of Living Danishly’ by Helen Russell (which we highly recommend) and ever since we love coming in after a long day working around the lake and getting ‘Hygge’!

From lighting candles to good food there are lots of things which make the long winter nights actually something we really look forward to now. The best time for hygge is from autumn through to spring, and especially around Christmas, but you can enjoy this cosy living anytime of year really. With lots of wood and Scandinavian design in our cabins and pools of light from carefully positioned lamps our retreats are an ideal place to escape to for a relaxing few days.

So we thought we would list out our top tips for making your luxury log cabin holiday as cosy as possible. Staying in a Scandinavian lodge with a Finnish hot tub you couldn’t be in a better place to snuggle up. Whether you are on a romantic escape, a family break, a honeymoon, or a holiday with your friends, everyone loves the warm feeling you get from Hygge.

1. Get it toasty inside

Easy to do with just a few logs on the Clearview woodburner. The gentle crackling of logs and glowing flames does wonders for a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Enjoy some hot tea with a good book

Make a steaming cup of your favorite drink, choose a comfy place in front of the fire and curl up with one of the books from the shelves.

3. Cook up a seasonal winter feast

Pick cosy, childhood dishes to treat yourself on your luxury escape. A warm porridge with toasted nuts, apple pieces and some dulche de leche is a Danish classic. Check out the below pictured recipe by ‘Grød’. They make the holy grail’s of porridge. A big roast with all the trimmings is another classic – head to Jessie Smiths butchers for the best meat and The Market Garden for local vegetables. Stop by Hobbs too and pick up some Danish pastries for the afternoons in front of the wood burner. All three are within a minutes walk of each tadalafil buy online other in Cirencester. Excited for a winter break yet?

hygge holidays UK

4. Create calming ‘pools’ of light with side lights

An interior design trick that really sets the scene.

5. Watch a classic

Put your feet up and watch one of those feel good classics. From Billy Elliot to Love Actually – you know the ones.

6. Go for a walk or take out the rowing boat

An explore around the lake, seeing the nature around you and realizing how secluded your log cabin really is makes coming back into your luxury getaway even more special. Big snuggly coats, hats, scarves and gloves are all compulsory. The chunkier the knitwear the better.

rowing boat private lake

7. Light some candles

The warm glow of candlelight adds a calming vibe. Please remember to use safe candles that cannot be knocked over or pose a fire risk!

8. Gather round the fire pit

An outdoor fire brings everyone together and wrapped up in snuggly outfit in the winter months is as warming as ever. There is something about a fire that is completely mesmerizing and you can loose hours staring into it, talking about all the big and small things in life. Comfort food like roasted marshmallows and slow cooked bananas with chocolate come into their element here. Check out our welcome pack on arrival for fun games and things to cook on the fire.

9. Make some gløgg

Mulled wine is a Danish classic for an evening of coziness.

10. Stargaze in the hot tub

Feel the healing effects of using traditional Finnish hot tubs whilst you take in the stars above, the silhouette of the lake edge and the sounds of nearby wildlife. All putting you in a truly zen frame of mind to tip-toe back indoors with.

hot tub holiday cotswolds

11. Play a board game

Reconnecting with those you have escaped with is a big part of the hygge experience. Dropping the technology and gathering around a table is a lovely way to bring everyone together. Check out your cabins board games cupboard for some classics.

12. Put on some music

Music really is the food of love so connect to the wifi, pick a moody playlist and let it be the soundtrack to your memorable hygge weekend in the Cotswold’s.

The Danish hygge is all about the atmosphere, the people you’re with, having a good time and relaxing. All things we think are synonymous with Log House Holidays. So pick who you want to escape with, choose a date, pack some comfy clothes and come and get hygge!


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