Force Brewery is quietly creating some seriously fresh local ales just 4 miles away.

On the edge of Cirencester, Charles Malet; brewer, barman, chief cask washer and director, puts on quite a show for anyone wishing to hear about his eventful ales and see where and how these ales are made. Just like wine and whisky there is really a lot to learn about – adding a whole new set of taste dimensions for your palate. The free “Brewhouse Safari” includes a comprehensive explanation of the brewing process, along with tastings of each brew. You can then conclude the journey upstairs with pints at just £2 each.

This small microbrewery has a capacity of about 4 brewers barrels (288 pints each) and was readied for production at the end of 2013, using the gravity fed cask system. We are certain this great brand will continue to do well and grow further given the fantastic ales they keep producing.  The branding is sure to help. In case you were curious, the scallop shell – used in the logo – is the traditional symbol of the pilgrim; carried everywhere in order to scoop up mouthfuls of ale whilst on the road. Remember that top fact next time you’re at the pub with a pint of Yankee Zulu in hand!

If any ales really take your fancy you can buy a number of different sized containers too. Continue your enjoyment in front of your wood burner at the lake or sitting on the end of your pier. Buy straight from Charles and you get a great rate with no middleman.

Ales on offer as described by Force Brewery…


Brewery’s flagship nectar. An invigorating golden bitter, it is brewed to 4% abv. Subtle, spicy bitterness and mellow, floral aromas are given by the blend of Goldings and Willamette hops. These are just words; you’ll have to try it for yourself. CAMRA Gloucestershire Best Bitter of the Year 2014


Ushers autumn in. A hearty bronzed ale at 4.5%, with a touch of caramel and a spiciness on the palate from the Challenger hop. As the name suggests, it’s unlikely to linger.


Conjures summer’s strains. An aromatic pale ale at 4%; it is packed with the grapefruity smack of the Chinook hop. If you love cricket, you will understand from whence the inspiration is divined and if you don’t, you ought to.


A more forceful proposition; a robust and stormy stout enriched with Chocolate Malt. Deep, roasty flavours are met with the gentle smoothness and aroma of the Phoenix hop. This dark star is launched at 5% abv.

All of these ales are offered to you at a fantastic price straight from the producer. Each beer is available bottle conditioned (with a storage life of a few months) or fresh from the cask. Bag-in-box containers are full of “bright” beer, so do not need to settle. They are best consumed within 4 days of collection.

660ml Bottle  £2.50
Case of 12 x 660ml Bottles £27
8 Pint Bag-in-Box £15
16 Pint Bag-in-Box £28
36 Pint Bag-in-Box £60
9 Gallon Firkin (72 pints “bright” – no need to settle, includes stand, tap, jacket etc.) £115

Brewery Shop Hours:
Thursday 14:30 – 17:30

Friday (with Force Brewery Tap) 14:00 – 21:00 (perfect to start your weekend away in the Cotswolds)

Have we excited your taste buds? If you have a spare afternoon during your stay on a Thursday or Friday head over and meet the charismatic Charles. Other times in the week can be arranged on request with preferably 10 or more people. This really would be a memorable outing for a group holiday or for anyone who loves seeing new things in action.

Force Brewery – 07532 097050 –


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