There’s nothing more perfect for a romantic honeymoon or couples getaway than seeing a shooting star with someone special. It’s an absolute back to nature experience too. But a meteor shower – now that’s a whole new kind of light show! So picture this…

You are lying back in your traditional Finnish wooden hot tub in steaming spring water that is a constant 39°C. Behind you sits your luxury Finnish log cabin and stretching out in front a totally unspoilt 100 acre lake. Champagne glass in hand, you savour the long evening of drama that the night sky puts on for you both. The reflection of the stars on the still lake surface doubles the atmosphere. Your totally secluded getaway is hidden from the world.

After seeing the show, reach for your luxury white towels and snuggle up in front of your clear view log fire…

To make this happen simply book one of our getaways and escape on a Cotswolds holiday at one of the below dates. Great with loved ones or a group of friends. We can’t guarantee a cloudless night but we can promise a Cotswolds sky free of light pollution. Meteor showers are like fishing – You do it, you experience nature – and one day you may just catch what you’re there for.


April 16th-25th (peaking 22nd April)

Rate per hour: 10-15

Description: Bright fast meteors, some with trains. Associated with Comet Thatcher

Eta Aquarids:

April 24th-May 20th (peaking 5th May)

Rate per hour: 35

Description: Low in sky. Associated with Comet Halley


July – August (peaking 8th-26th July)

Rate per hour: 5

Description: Bright meteors

Alpha Capricornids:

July 15th-August 25th (peaking 2nd August)

Rate per hour: 5

Description: Yellow slow fireballs


July 23rdth-August 20th (peaking 12th-13th August)

Rate per hour: 75

Description: Many bright fast meteors with trains. Associated with Comet Swift-Tuttle (1737, 1862, 1992)


October 16th-27th (peaking 22nd October)

Rate per hour: 25

Description: Fast with fine trains. Associated with Comet Halley


October 20th-November 30th (peaking 4th November)

Rate per hour: 10

Description: Very slow meteors


November 15th-20th (peaking 17th-18th November)

Rate per hour: 30-300

Description: Fast bright meteors with fine trains. Associated with Comet Tempel-Tuttle


December 7th-16th (peaking 14th December)

Rate per hour: 75

Description: Plenty of bright meteors, few trains


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